About Me

So you want to know more about me? Well I'm currently a medical student still studying at university. I have always liked to cook but really got into it when I had to fend for myself at university. I guess I decided that I was not going to be the 'typical' student living of takeaways, frozen and ready made meals. The moment I had my own kitchen it was full steam ahead, I realised that once I started cooking I couldn't stop. For example I would set about making one dish but once I began I would end up with 3 more dishes. Everyone has their 'thing' and I guess cooking is just one of my 'things'. So I decided to make a blog out of it; it would follow the path of my culinary experiences as well as life in general.

I confess I am no master chef or cooking extraordenaire, I simply make the stuff I like to eat or would like to eat and hope for the best. I believe that when you put your mind to something you will eventually succeed, it may take you a few attempts or you may end up with something you didn't initially think off but you'll get there.

If you browse through my blog you will quickly realize that there are a disproportionate number of sweet items opposed to savoury, so it's no surprise when I tell you that I have a BIG sweet tooth. If I am planning a meal I will naturally start by thinking of dessert and work the meal around that. I remember in my first year of university I used to eat cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday- no kidding, fellow sweet fiends will hopefully understand. One of my aspirations is to be able to master the art of patisserie; I know that I am only just at the beginning of the journey but I hope to look back in a few years and see how much my skills and knowledge have grown, and hopefully this blog will reflect my journey.

As I told you before cooking is only one of my interests, I try do the things I love and I realise that there are a lot of them; art, music, dance, sport, travel, the list goes on... I like to keep my life as varied as possible, and you'll always find me trying something new.

This blog is about the journey of my 'Fullest of Life', and I just want everyone else to enjoy their 'Fullest Part of Life' too.