Tuesday, 22 November 2011

'Christkindlmarkt' German Christmas Market

This weekend me and my mother went to the German Christmas market in Birmingham city centre. It was the first time that she had ever been to something like this and she was definitely surprised to say the least; surprised at the number and variety of stalls on offer, and also surprised at the crowds of people you had to fight your way through. Both of us slowly made our way through the stalls, which were in the shape of wooden huts laced with lights and colour, eating, browsing and more eating along the way. We found that there was so much on offer for our tummies, eyes and noses as the stalls were selling all kinds of things such as cakes, candy, trinkets, crêpes, doughnuts, pretzels, German sausages and even ostrich burgers.  There many things I loved about the market such as the mouth watering fumes from the German sausages being barbecued, the sparkle everywhere with curious knick knacks and ornaments lining the stalls, the festive songs playing, the feel of the crisp cold air as we ate out freshly roasted chestnuts, the bustle of people doing Christmas shopping, and the twinkling lights from the huts as nightfall approached. Another thing which was good is that most of the produce and goods sold were handmade and fresh. For example, it was great to see food made right before my eyes as I feel that's the best advertisement for it and I admire the artistry and skill involved;  it's fascinating seeing crêpes made as it takes a certain hand to get the perfect circular thin crepe you can't resist. After going to this market I realise that I would love to go to Germany and experience a real Christkindlmarkt one day, where it is done on a bigger scale and the food tastes even better since it's made in the homeland and is truly authentic. So, my 'Christmas spirit' for this year has been rekindled and I can admit that like a kid, I really can't wait for Christmas; please come soon!


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