Friday, 8 July 2011

Banana toffee soufflé

These banana toffee soufflés turned out to be the most perfect soufflés ever! The consistency was soo light and airy, and also the banana flavour was just the extra special touch. Also they rose like a dream, and they only flattened after a good 5 minutes out of the over; not like the soufflés which immediately plumit as soon as the oven door opens.

I have to say that they tasted even better the next day, they were actually quite nice chilled and they were still light anf fluffy.

I added a toffee sauce on top of the warm soufflé, and i found that it went very well; a perfect addition for a really sweet tooth. The toffee sauce was bought from Tesco, however it would probably taste better if you made your own; then again it takes more time.

I would definitely make this recipe again. Maybe next time i would try a chocolate sauce instead, and maybe add chocolate chips to the soufflé mixture- imagine the warm goeey chocolate amongst the light soufflé; heaven.

This recipe can be found on the 'Sugarlaws' blog:

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  1. My mom wants to know if you are studying at all with all this cooking :)))

  2. Haha well I guess it's another hobby of mine. Anyway, no exams any time soon :-P